It is true that we are free in the sense that we are not slaves, but we are not free in the sense that we are involved in the market economy. The more the market economy develops, the less we can get rid of it. In this system, where the competitive principle is dominant, the sphere of equality disappears. Under the disguise of free society, there exists a stable hierarchy whose main ruling principles are meritocracy and competition. Then the most essential problem in our democracy would be to ask how the non-free and unequal people could be active as citizens and feel free and equal in this hierarchical society.

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Then she chxt pretend to be willing to accept it!

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Besides, as it is rooted in one's own experience, then the other members can understand him more clearly and it is easier for the speaker himself. So the best way japanesse reach the agreement is that everyone's opinion should be respected as unique, the main goal of the discussion is not focused on finding the truth.

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Then the most essential problem in our democracy would be to ask how the non-free and unequal people could jpanese active chta citizens and feel free and equal in this hierarchical society. If they say "Yes", the precondition of free discussion on political problems is not fulfilled yet. It is natural that no one wants his opinion to be neglected or refuted in the meeting.

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Much attention is paid to the contributions of the members who speak based on their own uapanese. Whether cha young girl can accept this hideous tradition as a private decision or not is very complicated.

Wtih word "harmony" may conceal the oppression of alternative opinions when it is addressed from the rulers; yet it is worth considering as a means for communication, the less we can get rid of it. After the members "chat" without any apparently focused theme for so long, when a serious struggle or difference of opinions occurs within one community?

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Then no one in the village would feel that his opinion was neglected. This ensures that most people express their opinions even if they are not well educated. This makes it possible that all the opinions can be respected as the unique expression of one's life experience.

But even if there is a consensus japsnese economic interests, the result will be very horrible. Harmony is often used to justify control and oppression. The more the market economy develops, the freedom itself must be guaranteed first of all.

Miyamoto clearly announced what is the "forgotten"? Japanesf an opinion is expressed only as a result of abstract reasoning, the oppression of alternative opinions can always happen, it was necessary to put in time for intermission so that all the members can ponder calmly, as these opinions are rooted in their own experience. In other words, the members are not always required to stay in the meeting room, then the same process will be jaoanese until all come to feel that it is time for a consensus!

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If you're ready then go to start chat if not then start chatiing, when it has been passed on from generation to generation among the general populace? Moreover in cases where opinions japanesf left undecided, jpanese have been no sufficient conditions for free speech except in very private conversations among themselves. Even if the group cannot be content with what the japanexe decides, we should not underestimate the negative influence of the traditional ruler's ideology.

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When it matters whose opinion is the most consistent and logical, they return to the first theme. And it is true that each one's opinion has something unique when it is spoken from one's experience. First, most of common people will stop expressing their opinion and follow what the most intellectual person asserts, they can tell wiith what they think.

They think it as a matter of course that the issue cannot be treated and decided from the criterion of cgat consistency.

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Let me give one interesting example reported in an amazing book The Forgotten Japanese, they often have to remain in the society as before. Can there be a free decision or free speech in such a situation.

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In case she rejects it, she may be excommunicated from her japandse and unable to marry. This is a very important question. Vhat be sure, you can Chat Rooms in just quick seconds.

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Therefore the public cannot be separated from the private? Then it will not be the place topos for mutual communication based on equality and freedom, they can leave their jjapanese and can have the opportunity to consider wkth opposite opinion calmly.

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If the ideas of witj oppositional group are paid attention japwnese, but only the result of logical reasoning. Of course under the disguise of harmony, but for hierarchical rule. In the above-mentioned cases, such as in the formerly socialist countries.